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E. Valerie Nyiri: I'm writing every day....notebook with me at all times....thank you Sandy've made a positive change in me....I can't wait to see where this amazing new journey takes me!!!!

Toolkit for the Woman in Transition

Take control of the next act of your life so you can finally start living happy, successful, & fulfilled.

The Emerging Writers System

Imagine what it would feel like when you finally stop saying...
Someday I want to write...

Chevonna GaylorChevonna Gaylor MA, LMFT: "I Am... a Writer (amongst other things). What an exhilarating journey! Thank you, Sandy, for opening up the floodgates! Thank you for being the catalyst for change in my life. "

Samantha KeithSamantha Keith: Thank you sooooo much!
I love working with you~ you make it feel so safe ~ even when I have fear. I truly feel that your encouragement about my growth as a writer was just what I needed to keep moving forward with less judgment. I needed to be reminded this is a process and I'm learning new skills.

Judy Ross: It was an absolutely inspiring class. I could not have imagined how interesting it would be or that it would be so well presented by an obviously talented teacher. Thank you, Sandy.

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The Emerging Writer 5-Day Challenge

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Liberty Forrest: Your Writing Challenge is a fabulous idea for anyone who has always wanted to write his or her story!


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