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With skills learned from an entertainment background, Sandy Peckinpah teaches you how to create a powerful presence by recognizing your own unique story as a compelling connection to people, personally and professionally.

At the age of 16, Sandy Peckinpah left home to travel the world in a musical show. It began her quest to live her life boldly, out loud, sharing her story with others. What she didn't know then, was how her life would bring her great joy, but also great challenges. 

For 26 years, Sandy worked closely with her late husband, who was an Emmy nominated producer and writer for television and film, developing storylines and characters for shows like Beauty and the Beast, Sliders, and Silk Stalkings. The hit Disney movie, Man of the House, was loosely based on their own family experience. Sandy was an actress, appearing in two tv movies, and series. She studied with some of the great acting teachers in the business, learning how to create characters and entire lives, driven by circumstances we are given. 

Sandy used this unique approach to her own life when she discovered how to view it from a "story" perspective. Within her own life's timeline was evidence she'd acquired a set of skills and resilience to bounce back from anything and excel. 

Sandy is the author of 4 books, including the award winning, "How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen." Her articles on resilience are featured in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Medium.com. Sandy is a former radio show host on AM talk radio in Northern California and Phoenix. She's a frequent broadcaster on Livestream, having done over 350 shows, sharing her passion for helping people rise up through life's challenges.

Sandy's step-by-step approach has resulted in several of her clients restoring their lives. One of her clients wrote, "I didn't know how important my life was until you helped me reveal a new perspective on the things that happened to me. More importantly, I discovered I have a legacy that needs to be shared."

Sandy developed further skills when she became a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in 2003. She has earned the prestigious International President's Circle Award and is designated as a Global Luxury Agent.

Sandy is also Vice President and Creative Director of Orion Trading and Design Corp. It's a company her husband started 26 years ago that provides unique glassware and tableware for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry. She takes an active role in maintaining the culture and promotion of their unique product line.

She uses her background in the entertainment industry and as an author to relate story and character skills to connecting with clients in a more meaningful way.

As a business professional she presents regularly to Coldwell Banker, speaking to agents on developing people skills, integrity, and points of connection.

Because of events in her life, Sandy felt inspired to study bereavement and became certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist® through the Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles.

Sandy shares her compelling story, her amazing real life cast of characters, and her passion for helping people rise up through life's difficult times and transition to be motivated, successful, and happy.

"Thank you so very much for the impact you had on our Women in Business group, Sandy. You spoke to the hearts of every woman in the room by sharing your story.  You were the dream Speaker/Presenter for a group like ours."- Jami McNees, Program Chair, Women's Peer Connection

Sandy is a member of Women Speakers Association and ESpeakers

Topics Frequently Requested

How to Bounce Back from Anything and Excel

Sharing perspective and strategies on resilience by developing new values, patterns and habits to manage the shift from one circumstance or stage of life to another. This presentation leaves the audience with practical steps to implement resilience in their own lives, feeling uplifted and motivated.

Stop Letting Stress Steal Your Joy

It's time to give "stress" an overhaul with strategies for tackling it head on. This presentation helps the audience identify stress and gain clarity in their own lives, and offers ways to stop the negative effects of stress in their lives.

Are You Waiting for Inspiration or is Inspiration Waiting on You?

Many people believe they have to wait for inspiration to be creative, but this presentation shows you how creativity plays a huge role in leading a successful personal and professional life.

Creativity is the hidden component people forget about, but it’s key in being a visionary and a leader in your field. And… it’s a lot of fun! Isn’t it time to launch your own creative potential? Practical steps and strategies for igniting the flame of inspired thought.

Breaking the Confidence Barrier

Steps to Building Confidence Even When You're Terrified.

People often say, "I'm not a confident person." It's simply not true. We might not be self assured in some areas of our lives, but in others we shine.

Lack of confidence is a normal and natural reaction to a new situation or stage of life. The secret to winning the confidence battle is by actively reshaping past beliefs about ourselves and building upon our strengths with tenacity and perseverance. 

This presentation offers the audience the "Lack of Confidence Antidote," rebuilding confidence in a two-step process. Confidence is something you CAN learn.

"I watched the women as you spoke and everyone was riveted. The proof that they were mesmerized by the whole talk was they didn't get up. They didn't move and they kept asking you questions. They didn't get up to get food or go to the bathroom or anything! They were there and sat that way for at least 20 minutes after your talk." Rose James- Women's Sanctuary

"Sandy’s superb story on resilience will restore hope in your life. With her wit, her wisdom and her woman’s intuition, Sandy narrates her story in the most natural, comforting and reassuring ways. Listen to Sandy Peckinpah, and lift your spirits!- Cesar Vargas, Ph.D. Coach, Author, Trainer www.MenteInc.com

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