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It All Begins with One Sentence…

 12 Tips for the Writer Who is Ready to Roll

These special tips will help you in your writing journey.

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Chevonna Gaylor MA, LMFT: What an exhilarating journey! Thank you, Sandy, for opening up the creative floodgates! Thank you for being the catalyst for change in my life. I am proud to say I am a published author!

Samantha KeithSamantha Keith: Thank you sooooo much!
I love working with you~ you make it feel so safe ~ even when I have fear. I truly feel that your encouragement about my growth as a writer was just what I needed to keep moving forward with less judgment. I needed to be reminded this is a process and I'm learning new skills.

Jessica-LyngaasJessica Lyngaas: Thank you Sandy Peckinpah for your amazing wisdom, knowledge, and insight in helping me become a published author! You have taught me so much when it comes to writing and putting the words down perfectly to catch the readers interest. Your coaching was clear and concise and The tools you provided were very beneficial. I could not have done it without your encouragement!” Jessica Lyngaas, her inspiring story featured on The Today Show, and author of "My Pulse, His Will

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