Books Written by Sandy Peckinpah

A Woman’s Manifesto

What is a manifesto? It’s a merging of hope and action… a commitment between you and your intentions.

Now, grab a pen, it’s time to begin.

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Checklist for the Creative Mindset

Are You Waiting on Inspiration, or is Inspiration Waiting on You?

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How to Survive the Worst That Can Happen: A Parent's Step by Step Guide to Healing After the Loss of a Child

Sandy Peckinpah’s sixteen-year old son woke up with a fever and was dead the next morning of bacterial meningitis… her life changed forever.

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Passion By Design

The Passion System adds the 6th Sense: The heart, soul, and mind. Give your romance and your surroundings a Passion Makeover with Passion By Design!

Written by Sandy Peckinpah and Paula McChesney

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Rosey...the Imperfect Angel CD download Format

This CD made it to the Grammy Ballot. It's lovely fairy tale for anyone who has ever felt different!

You'll recognize the voice of Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls from "Little House on the Prairie") as she reads the story.

The book shows how differences can make the human species very special, how if we were all alike, the world would be a pretty boring place.

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Stepping Stones to a Resilient Life

Taking Steps to Creating a Life you Love (Kindle format)

This ebook is for you if you're ready to press the reset button and jumpstart new life on your terms.

This book offers simple step by step tools for starting NOW.

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Girl On Her Own, The Independent Girl's Guide to Being Sassy, Savvy, and On Her Own

Teenager or Young Adult moving out? Learn the basics of living on your own. Whether you are the girl, just about to become independent, or you're a Mom, about to send her daughter off for college...this book will make life a whole lot easier!

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Discover Your Heart’s Desire

Are you ready to emerge? 

When you think all is impossible, that’s when you’re on the brink of change.

You’re just about to emerge into the next stage of your life and it’s going to be great!

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Are You Too Sensitive?: Why Vulnerability May Not Be a Character Flaw at All!

If you are often told you're "too sensitive," you'll discover this "flaw" isn't really a flaw at all. If you're a sensitive person, this book will give you insight to accepting and celebrating your gift.

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