This is a list of my books and free resources for you to explore!

A Woman’s Manifesto

What is a manifesto? It’s a commitment between you and your intentions to dream big, take action, and manifest the life of your dreams.

Now, grab a pen, it’s time to begin.

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Checklist for the Creative Mindset

Are You Waiting on Inspiration, or is Inspiration Waiting on You?

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How to Survive the Worst That Can Happen

A Parent's Step by Step Guide to Healing After the Loss of a Child

Having lost a child, Sandy wrote this award winning book, offering hope and a step by step process for reclaiming your life after such a terrible loss.

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Passion By Design

The Passion System adds the 6th Sense: The heart, soul, and mind. Give your romance and your surroundings a Passion Makeover with Passion By Design!

Written by Sandy Peckinpah and Paula McChesney

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Rosey...the Imperfect Angel CD download Format

This CD made it to the Grammy Ballot. It's lovely fairy tale for anyone who has ever felt different!

You'll recognize the voice of Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls from "Little House on the Prairie") as she reads the story.

The book shows how differences can make the human species very special, how if we were all alike, the world would be a pretty boring place.

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Stepping Stones to a Resilient Life

Taking Steps to Creating a Life you Love.  This ebook is for you if you're ready to press the reset button and jumpstart a new life on your terms. (Kindle format) $2.99

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Discover Your Heart’s Desire

Are you Ready for the Next Act of Your Life?

When you feel like you're on the brink of change, that’s the perfect time to explore your options. What get's your heart beating? . You’re just about to emerge into the next stage of your life and it’s going to be great!  (Kindle Format)  $0.99

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Are You Too Sensitive?: Why Vulnerability May Not Be a Character Flaw at All!

If you are often told you're "too sensitive," you'll discover this "flaw" isn't really a flaw at all. You can stop apologizing for this special trait.This book will give you insight to accepting and celebrating your gift of sensitivity. (Kindle Format) $0.99

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Three Part Video Series: Breakthough To Happy

This free quick mini course offers you a way of looking at your life from a new perspective. If you're a woman who is seeking inspiration, this will give you something to consider. Videos delivered to your email to go at your own pace.

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Sandy Peckinpah on YouTube: Videos to Inspire

Did you know I did an AM Talk Radio show and over 300 livestream videos in the past few years? I passionately loved sharing stories. Here's a sampling of videos that are meant to inspire, spark creativity, and help you as you navigate this amazing life.

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