Could You Be One Thought Away from Your Great Big Genius Idea?

Learn how to capture your most creative thoughts and escort them into the realm of the actual

Did you know… The most creative ideas you will ever have often slip by without capturing them. Why? Because we have nearly 60,000 thoughts a day, that’s about 2500 thoughts per hour, and that’s just too much input for anyone to fathom.

A lot of those thoughts fall into the category of habits. You have some on autopilot like brushing your teeth, making coffee, reading your email. But your spontaneous creative thoughts can get lost forever, and suddenly you spiral into another world of distraction.

All things were once creative thoughts! Imagine if Steve Jobs had ignored the idea for an iPhone, or Truman Capote never sat down to write the story ruminating in his head for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” or Sara Blakely had never invented Spanx (more about this billion-dollar idea later)!

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, believes creativity is...

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How to Re-Ignite those “Someday Dreams” and Make Them Happen Now

The potential you have for fulfilling
them may surprise you

Definition: Someday Dream- a dream or desire that is constantly shoved into an indefinite future, and may or may not come true, depending on the dreamer’s motivation.

You’re given a life on this planet to create a masterpiece.

Your life is your masterpiece.

When you get to the second act, you might start to wonder if you’re fulfilling all of your destiny. You might find yourself routinely saying things like….

“Someday, I want to travel.” “Someday, I want to find my soul mate.” “Someday, I want to write a book.” “Someday….”

It’s easy to trick your brain into believing that someday might happen in the future, but what part of the future?

It’s a way of avoiding any real commitment. It teases and taunts the desire in you but holds your momentum hostage.

Years ago, I wrote in my journal that...

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What An Admiral’s Daughter Learns About Love

love your destiny Feb 09, 2021

In the end… love is all that matters

That’s me…. with my dad, on the afternoon of my wedding a decade ago. We stood in the archway, ready to walk down the aisle. The music cued and Dad lurched forward to quickly reach the end goal… my future husband, waiting at the altar.

I held his arm and whispered, “Dad, slow down… this is our moment.” He patted my hand and smiled, “Yes, Sandra, it is… our moment.” We slowed our gait, enjoying every step as father and daughter.

Dad recounted that story many times in the last year of his life. He loved telling it… “I was rushing down the aisle and you said ‘Dad, slow down! This is our moment!” And then he’d laugh as he’d never shared the story before.

A girl’s first love is her father, and that was certainly true for me. I was proud to be an Admiral’s daughter. I was always in awe of his accomplishments. Whatever he set out to do,...

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Are You Ready to Fulfill Your Creative Calling?

2021 might just be the year your great idea catapults into something more

We can choose to take our chance, to speak up, and to contribute.
Seth Godin, The Practice

If you're asking yourself, what have I always wanted to do, but haven’t, you’re not alone. All of us dream of that one thing we’re called to do… Someday.

But last year taught us we can’t always count on “someday,” and there’s never been a better time to accelerate your drive to fulfill your creative destiny.

Why now? Because the creative mind thrives on unrest.

Creativity often emerges during the darkest times.

Authors like CS Lewis, Hemingway, and J. K. Rowling have said some of their best work was born in the midst of struggles. The chaotic brain becomes more alive in its deep-rooted battle to find a new way, to solve the problem, and to survive.

Once you feel the creative yearning it’s already in motion. It becomes part of your DNA. You can shove it...

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The Powerful Pause… Rediscovering a Place Called Home

Finding peace and serenity in unexpected places during the quarantine.

I never knew my house before… until it became my world. 

I’ve walked the rooms a million times over, but I never really appreciated it, or the surroundings I call my neighborhood. 

Now, because of Covid-19, it’s my everything. It’s become my refuge, my serenity, my safe haven. It’s become my workspace, my afternoon café, my backyard retreat, and holds a sacred place where my soul lives.

I began taking daily walks to replace the gym. It’s my daily Zen.

Each morning and evening, I venture out, navigating the sidewalks leading to the trails behind my neighborhood. Miraculously, it opens up to a wildlife preserve.

You’d never know it was devastated by a wind-driven fire last October. But it is green again. The wildflowers are in full bloom, and it feels as though I’m seeing them for the first time. Maybe I never noticed when I drove by in my...

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No One Believed My Long Distance Relationship Could Work

And I wasn’t so sure either.....

People thought I was crazy when I fell hopelessly in love with a man in another state. I had a whole life, a career, elderly parents, and children, all living within an easy drive in Southern California.

Living here was part of my identity, it’s what I knew, and yet every time I envisioned a life with this man, the subliminal question whispered… “could I relinquish my present life and create something new?

Isn’t that the arc of every fairy tale? The woman meets the man who will sweep her off her feet, conquer her problems, and lead her to his kingdom… to a better life.

But I already had a better life. I loved my home, my friends, my community, my job. I was living my “best life.”

But I missed being someone’s partner.

I had a great first marriage… at least for most of the 26 years. The downward spiral happened after the sudden loss of our 16-year-old son.

Some marriages grow stronger in...

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Keep Serving Your People and the Money Will Follow

How to stay relevant while business has stalled.

I’m certain you can look back on in your life and see times that offer you proof and encouragement to believe in your ability to be resilient.

Maybe you’ve weathered a sudden job transfer or loss of work unexpectedly. Maybe you took a chance on a business that didn’t work out, or maybe you lost money in the housing crisis years ago.

But here you are. Not only did you bounce back, but you bounced forward into your new life.

Why is it new? Because it was something you didn’t necessarily expect and you had to make adjustments to restore or transform it.

After this Quarantine, we’ll all be seeing life through a new lens.

The elephant in the room that looms is this… will my work, as I know it, be gone? But let’s prod this question a little further. Is there a possibility that your work life will be completely changed, or different, or better than before?

Is there a chance that this is an...

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What if You Could Rewrite Your Life Story and Suddenly It All Made Sense?Psychology

How to manifest a better life by cutting ties to old beliefs.

“Our job is not to deny the story, but to defy the ending — to rise strong, recognize our story, and rumble with the truth until we get to a place where we think, Yes. This is what happened. And I will choose how the story ends.”Brené Brown

I was stuck in my story. I’d told it so many times it was on autopilot. I attached the same words, the same emotion, and the same meaning every time I’d tell it to a new friend.

There were chapters of my life I had decided to view one way and one way only. My thoughts were set in stone, and those beliefs rumbled around for years as the whole story… the complete accounting of my life.

Until I challenged it.

It was this quote that blew my story wide open:

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the...

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7 Exceptional Mindset Strategies Every Writer Must Learn to Become a Prolific Machine

If applied, it will change the way you approach your writing forever.

“For the writer who’s spent years running away from actually sitting down to do the work.”

I was a secret writer for decades, depositing my thoughts in a journal with dreams of becoming an author one day. But writing a book? That was different. I struggled to commit. I just kept saying “someday…

My husband had done it. He was a successful screenwriter for television and film. From the moment he decided to become a writer, he committed to becoming a successful writer.

I was in awe of his ability to sit down day after day and bring story ideas and characters to life. It didn’t matter if he was under contract with a studio or not, he wrote for the sheer joy of it.

He was as prolific as it gets, with a career that spanned 3 decades, and there was never a time he didn’t write.

-prolific: marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity- Merriam-Webster Dictionary


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A Better Listener is a Better Spouse

He said, “You’re not listening to me!” and he was right.

There are times when my husband would ask, “Are you listening to me?” And I wasn’t… not really.

I’m married now, and it’s the second time around. My life and my focus are very different than it was the first time. I’m secure enough with myself where I unapologetically recognize I need to change.

The problem reared its head when numerous times my husband would ask, “Are you listening to me?” I would have to admit, even though I thought I was, my mind was often far away.

When did I stop listening to him?
It never happened when we first fell in love… my sole focus was on hearing what he had to say. I wanted to drink in every conversation, and I’d remember every word he said.

In thinking about it, I noticed non-listening times would rear up mostly because of stress; my mind wandered trying to find solutions to problems and situations. But also my...

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