Do Your Kids Know What’s Really Going On? They Should

How in the world do I take care of my kids when my heart just shattered in a million little pieces?

I asked this question years ago when I lost my 16-year-old son during the Type A Flu epidemic. He was misdiagnosed by the doctor and died within 24 hours from untreated bacterial meningitis.

I can’t go on with the story without telling you my own grief recovery is one of the things I’m most proud of.

Not only did it change me, but it was also the greatest love story I could give to my living children.

It wasn’t easy, and the truth is, grief is not something you ever get over. It’s a way of life you learn to accept.

Now, I can’t imagine who I was before the loss.

Life is different. I’m different.

And Covid-19 has erupted those feelings of another major life change all over again.

How you handle this pandemic will lay the foundation for the adults your children will become.

As I studied for my grief recovery certification...

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A 5 Step Framework for Re-Imagining Your Work Life Beyond the Quarantine

Are you seeing this time as a dip… or a ladder to the best that’s yet to come?

“Every now and then, something happens in life that seems to open a door you didn’t expect, and it serves as a threshold to other things.”

Last night I went to bed when I felt tired. Today, I woke up when my body wanted to. No alarm, just the feeling I’d slept exactly as long as I was supposed to.

I began listening to my inner thermostat. What does my body want? What is my mind telling me to do? When is my optimum time for creativity? When am I at my best talking on the phone to clients?

It’s a strange new way of living…...

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How to Calm Yourself with a Few Choice Steps to Help Ease Anxiety

anxiety mental health Apr 30, 2020

Anticipatory grief is the mind going to the future and imagining the worst. To calm yourself, you want to come into the present.

I’ve studied grief recovery for over two decades, and yet it still surprises me when my old grief comes back to life with new circumstances.

It happened to me yesterday.

I jumped out of bed and remembered… there’s a crisis.

My physical reaction was real, and so was my fear. My heart raced, my breathing, labored, and shallow. No matter what I did, I couldn’t calm myself down.

I had dreamed I was working in my office with my business partner. We were discussing a current contract. Suddenly, without warning, water rushed into the office through the doors and windows.

A tsunami! I was knee-deep in water mounting quickly and struggling to hang on to something, anything.

Just as quickly as it rushed in, the tide receded. Everything was gone with the tide rushing out the door. I was afraid to touch my computer, my phone had vanished, my...

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Now That We Are Sheltering In, Everyone Wants to Bake Bread

family relationships Apr 24, 2020

My daughter called me right after the coronavirus pandemic and “sheltering in” began. “Mom, I just got back from the grocery store… when did everyone start baking bread?”

I apparently wasn’t the only one who had the great bread baking obsession.

I had just made my third trip to the grocery store looking for flour.

I combed the racks, even risking my life attempting to climb to the top shelf (disregarding the sign that said not to). I knew that’s where they hid the overstock.

It’s been 3 weeks now, and the stores are still out of flour.

I scrolled through Facebook and recognized the problem immediately.

There was not one, nor two… but at least four people who proudly posted photos of their fresh-baked bread… and one who’d even made buns!

Who knew people were closet bread bakers? Was it inspiration from binging Netflix’s Great British Baking Show? Thanks to Paul Hollywood, I learned what...

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How I Manifested the Love of My Life... Again

love manifestation Apr 15, 2020

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. “— Nora Ephron

I honestly didn’t know if I could ever find love again. I’d already experienced “the love of my life” that flourished over 2 decades.

Do you get more than one soulmate in a lifetime? Mine was gone, but my desire to be in love didn’t go away with his sudden passing.

Years later, after a few dates and then a relationship that lasted far too long, I found myself longing for a meaningful connection, one where I could feel like the love of someone’s life.

More than that. I wanted someone who could challenge me intellectually, excite me physically, and love me no matter what.

In my workplace, I kept hearing horror stories of dating on the internet or meeting potential dates at the cocktail hour in a local restaurant. None of it appealed to me.

I was suddenly at a time when I...

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It's Okay to be Afraid, It Might Save Your Life

When I tell my story, people don’t believe it could happen. But it did, and now we need to protect ourselves. 

When I tell my story, people almost don’t believe it could happen. But it did. And telling it might save one life or many.

Two decades ago, my son, Garrett, died suddenly during the Type A Flu epidemic. The doctor misdiagnosed him as having the flu, and 24 hours later he died in his bed at home, sometime in the early morning hours.

I found him. But the odd thing is, I knew something was wrong the moment I woke up. I ran down the stairs toward his bedroom and screamed before I ever reached his door. I just knew.

I frantically jumped on top of him performing CPR, screaming his name, breathing my breath into his, but with no response. I wrapped my arms around his body and could feel he was still warm, but his lips were cold.

My husband and my three young children stood watching in horror, paralyzed by what was happening.

I kept trying to revive him with...

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Have Time on Your Hands, Pick up a Book and Read!

An armful of recent books to arouse creativity, spark your entrepreneurial ventures, and uplift your life in new ways.

I can't believe two weeks (or more) has dropped in my lap as a challenge to do what I said I didn’t have time to do:

1. Read more books

2. Write more articles

3. Finish my next book

4. Find calm in the midst of chaos

And now time is exactly what I do have.

As a little girl with big dreams, I was the curly-haired redhead waiting at the corner for the bookmobile during the summer weeks in Monterey, California. I’d end up with an armload of books to absorb over the next week, and I’d read them all.

Books have always been a resource of inspiration, entertainment, healing, and transformation for me.

I love the feel of a book in my hand. I buy the physical book so I can highlight and make notes in the margins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, I love to be interactive with my reading...

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Struggling with an Identity Crisis? We All Have Them

resilience self help Feb 11, 2020

 When one chapter of life is over and a new one is waiting in the wings

Do you ever stammer when someone asks you what you do? You may give the short answer… naming the J.O.B. that puts food on the table. If you’re lucky enough, it’s also a job that you love.

But is that the truest definition of you?

I read an article by Lyn Slater, a gray-haired, dynamic woman who became a model in her 60’s. She calls herself the “accidental icon.” She stumbled upon modeling late in life because she was a blogger who loved clothes, but as a career, she was a professor.

She struggles with the media because they now call her an “influencer,” but when asked, she retains her identity declaring herself an “academic” or even as a “public intellectual.”

Neither definition is the whole story and she says, “Until this past September, I was a professor,” then after that, it’s more of a meandering account...

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5 Ways To Build Stronger Business and Personal Relationships...Stop Apologizing!

How to put an end to over apologizing and other ineffective habits.

I did it again. I caught myself apologizing today for something that wasn’t my fault. It’s a bad habit I’ve picked up and it has no boundaries. I’ve done it in my personal and my professional life.

It’s a habit that clouds my judgment. Without realizing it, I often took the blame for issues that were not mine to own, simply because of a choice I made in the way I communicated.

Even simple phrases where I transferred information to my clients would start with “I’m sorry to tell you the report came in and your system failed to certify. We’ll have to address that. I know it will cost you some money. I’m sorry to bring you such bad news. Don’t worry; we’ll figure it out.”

It was the home’s deferred maintenance that caused the report to fail, can you identify how many times I took responsibility for the issue? I even ended with, “...

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Who’s Got Your Back When Life Hits You with Loss?

There are some life experiences you’re not meant to handle alone

There was a time when asking for help felt like the hardest thing in the world. Then I lost my sixteen-year-old son… and it changed everything.

There’s nothing that prepares you for the strength you need to recover and rebuild a life that has shattered into bits and pieces of sorrow. You simply can’t do it alone.

I had three living children who suffered the shock, too, and yet I couldn’t give up on their young lives to bury myself into my deep, debilitating fog of grief. They deserved a happy childhood in spite of the devastating loss of their brother.

But how do you do that when, as a mother, all you can think about is the child who’s gone? The magnitude of that kind of loss and trying to blend your new everyday life is overwhelming.

But I was rescued.

Don’t think about it… just show up
From day one, I was stunned to see how many people appeared at my front door to...

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