Client Stories from Past and Current Clients!

Chevonna Gaylor, LMFT MA

Mental Health Specialist

For most of my adult life, I have dreamed of writing a book. I didn't know what the content or the title would be, but I knew there was a story inside of me. When I met Sandy, there was a stirring of my soul. Maybe it was an indicator that she would be the one to help me achieve this life goal? She was. Writing an entire book seemed so overwhelming. I didn't know where to begin.

I didn't know anything about editing, publishing or how to structure my story. Sometimes my dream felt unachievable. Sandy broke down this process into bite-sized chunks. Sandy was my cheerleader and disciplinarian. Through her support, knowledge and accountability, I did it! My book is now published and on bookshelves everywhere. I never could've done it without Sandy! She was certainly a gift from God.

Chevonna Gaylor, LMFT MA Author, "The Emerging Healer"

Paula Joy MacNab, ASID, CID

Interior Designer, Talk Show Host

As a professional designer and speaker, I always knew that I wanted to write a book. It quickly became clear that there's a vast difference between a professional speaker and a writer. I needed help!

I wanted to write a book that would reflect who I am and my expertise, but I didn't know where to begin!

Sandy has a foolproof strategy that helped me define my story. She guided me with great ideas and feedback, along with really great tools to take me through the writing process.I was surprised at how easy she made it! I am thrilled to say I'm the proud author of a book!

I highly recommend The Emerging Writer Academy for anyone who has ever had that dream of writing their story.

Paula Joy MacNab ASID,CID, Past President of the American Society of Interior Designers, Author, "Passion by Design"


Michelle Schaffer

Founder, Girl Power Alliance

By the time I took Sandy's blogging course I had already written and published 2 books. By day 2, I wanted to go back and rewrite both of them. Her course was so full of value and helpful information, I was blown away. I had so many take-aways after each module that I felt inspired and like I was a brand new author. She is a patient and thoughtful teacher and her passion for writing shines through.

I'd recommend Sandy as a coach and trainer to ANYONE wanting to become a better writer and this course to ANYONE wanting to uplevel their writing skills, not just aspiring boggers. This course gets a 10 out of 10 for value, information and applicable skill training and just flat out making learning fun.

Michelle Schaffer, Founder Girl Power Alliance

Samantha Keith 

Health Coach, Blog Writer

I think deep down I’ve always wanted to write. It wasn’t until I lost over sixty pounds in my forties that I summoned the courage to move forward with that dream.

I tried to do it on my own, I bought books, watched YouTube Videos and listened to podcasts. However, it wasn’t until I hired Sandy and she helped me transform the first chapter of my book from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Before Sandy, I was self-conscious about my work. She gave me the tools to overcome these doubts and more. At every speed bump I encountered, she gave me creative new tools to overcome them and get back into the flow.

After Sandy, I was not only making progress on my book, I felt confident to share my work with others. This was a huge milestone for me. I was blown away by how much positive feedback I received for my work. Additionally, my blogs were getting published faster and with less editing. This helped me increase my confidence even more. This was a direct result of working with Sandy. 

I couldn’t recommend Sandy’s coaching more passionately. She’s the best! Her combination of experience, step by step plan, tips, tools, and techniques gave me everything I needed.

She's got the heart of a teacher and genuinely cares for each and every person she helps. What a gem!

Samantha Keith, blogs on Thrive Global and Mind, Body, Green

Catherine Schiffer

Real Estate Agent and Author

"I've had a book in my heart since I was 12 years old. It gnawed at me for decades. I had absolutely no clue how to start and almost had it put aside as something that might not happen.

Then in walked Sandy Peckinpah. It was a God appointed meeting that turned into my book.

I knew the moment I met her, there was meaning in the meeting. I had an immediate draw to her soft voice, yet attention grabbing presence. When I found out who she was I got chills and tilted my head up for a  "job well done Jesus" nod.

She took my heart and guided my story onto paper. She let me go at a pace I needed to heal, because that’s what happened, I healed.

Thank you Sandy, for more than words can express!"

Catherine Schiffer, author of "Pieces of Me"

Amanda Cizek

Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Product Creator of "Awesome Body Sauce"

What an incredible and invaluable gift Sandy has given me with the Blogging Challenge! Sandy is not only a remarkable teacher with loads of personal experience as a blogger, writer and published author, but in this course, she went above and beyond with tools and checklists that will help me with each new post.

Thank you, Sandy for your knowledge and incredible support of me, and ALL of your students!

Amanda Cizek


Jami McNees

Health Insurance Specialist and Tedx Speaker

Thank you so very much for the impact you had on our Women in Business group, Sandy. You spoke to the hearts of every woman in the room by sharing your story.  You were the dream Speaker/Presenter for a group like ours.

Jami McNees, Program Chair, Women's Peer Connection, author of "Beautiful Cancer"

Jessica Lyngaas, author

Her remarkable story was featured on The Today Show

Thank you Sandy Peckinpah for your amazing wisdom, knowledge, and insight in helping me become a published author!  

You have taught me so much when it comes to writing and putting the words down perfectly to catch the readers interest.

Your coaching was clear and concise and The tools you provided were very beneficial.  I could not have done it without your encouragement!  

Thank you Sandy!

Jessica Lyngaas, author, "My Pulse His Will"

Sally Latimer

Author, Entrepreneur

“I knew I had a story inside of me, it took the loss of my son and going through the recover process to bring it out of me.

I am so happy to be honoring him with this book.  No words could describe my gratitude to Sandy for mentoring me thru my writing as well as the timeline helping me see a pattern of my life.

I feel that I am not the same as I was when my son died. And now… my children and grandchildren finally know who I am through my story.

Sally Latimer, Entrepreneur and author, Light at the End of the Tunnel

Emerging Writer Workshop Gals

Dawn Thompson: Sandy, I just want to say thank you for this week of coaching The Blogging Challenge.  I'm so touched, and you have been such an inspiration to me!  Your training was so relevant and amazing. Time well spent for sure.  Before, I would think about writing everyday but I'd never take a step outside of my personal journal.  I have more knowledge and confidence now,  and I am so thankful for you. Thank you for bringing me back to what I love!  You are a blessing!

Judy R: It was an absolutely inspiring class. I could not have imagined how interesting it would be or that it would be so well presented by an obviously talented teacher. Thank you, Sandy.

Susan Ullmann: The Writing Challenge, organization tips, and worksheets you provided are helpful, and your enthusiasm is contagious as you have journeyed through your pain and managed to explain that loss is not necessarily "Loss" in the perspective of our universal bigger picture.

Liberty Forrest: Your Writing Challenge is a fabulous idea for anyone who has always wanted to write his or her story! 

Grace Melinda Sermos: Thank you for the absolutely wonderful Emerging Writers Challenge! You're a brilliant teacher, straight from the heart. I would have paid $5000 at a retreat for this information! Now that it’s over, it continues to carry the message YOU delivered, to inspire and trust ourselves, and WRITE NOW! ThankYou!

Julia Spence: Thanks for giving us information that will help us soar. My desire for you this year is that as you give into the lives of others may help come for you from placed you never dreamt or imagined. May new doors open this year for you to share your story. May your words bring healing into the lives of parents who have lost children May they move from grief to celebration of their children's lives.

Kari Ann Schultz: Thanks for all the love and writing insight on the 5 Day Writing Challenge! Your words are very inspiring and I’ve already had some major revelations thanks to the exercises you have shared. It seems most writing teachers focus on the craft from the standpoint of an established writer, but I appreciate how you share your struggle to acknowledge yourself as a writer, too, because it is that very first step that blocks most of us from starting our writing journey. 

Chevonna Gaylor MA, LMFT: I Am... a Writer (amongst other things). What an exhilarating journey! Thank you, Sandy, for opening up the floodgates! Thank you for being the catalyst for change in my life. 

Grace Melinda Serridge: It’s over, but continues inside, to carry the message YOU delivered, to inspire & trust ourselves & WRITE NOW! ThankYou!

E.Valerie Nyiri: I'm writing every day....notebook with me at all times....thank you ‪, Sandy've made a positive change in me...I can't wait to see where this amazing new journey takes me!!!! 

Veronica Vargas: Sandy’s signature difference is that she is a living example of the value each and every experience has on creating a happy life. There is no theorizing in Sandy’s program. It is this value, in even the smallest occurrences of our existence, that then gives us each an important story to tell and Sandy is there for me, through her program, to not only validate the importance of my life but to help me facilitate the telling of it so that others may benefit.

Misa Christina: Sandy’s abundance of wisdom, compassion, and experience were all strongly evident and tangible, even from across the ocean. Her own tale of losing her son, and more importantly her stories of recovery and growth since then are incredibly inspiring and filled with helpful guidance.

Herb Bond: Sandy Peckinpah has truly experienced the full 360 of life. I encourage you to discover her story – a story that has powerfully positioned her to bring a unique and sincere voice to the service of others. Whether it's Sandy’s teachings on pain, grief, resilience, and coming back to creatively craft your best life; on understanding and writing your story; or on personal growth through life’s challenges, Sandy writes with heart and speaks with the thoughtfulness of someone who truly understands – because she has lived it. If you are hurting, you will find solace within her space. And if you are seeking to grow into joy, you will find no better advisor and mentor. 

Samantha Keith: Thank you sooooo much! I love working with you~ you make it feel so safe ~ even when I have fear. I truly feel that your encouragement about my growth as a writer was just what I needed to keep moving forward with less judgment. I needed to be reminded this is a process and I'm learning new skills.

Valerie Nyiri: I'm writing every day....notebook with me at all times....thank you, Sandy've made a positive change in me...I can't wait to see where this amazing new journey takes me!!!!

Anne San Juan Green, LMFT: I loved all the stories that helped me connect all the participants. The tools provided great insight into the writing process!

Victoria B. Feldman: Bless you for being a teacher and a voice of inspiration and empowerment.

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