Are you an aspiring writer who doesn't know where to start?

Well, guess what sister... today is a brand new day!




I'm Sandy Peckinpah

I help inspiring women, like you, write and create your book or blog so you can share your story, declare your relevance, and take charge of the next act of your incredible life!

I do this by providing workshops and personal coaching so you can finally get started on the project that has tugged at your heart for so long.

Workshops for the Emerging Writer

I’ve helped women, just like you, bridge the gap between a desire to write and actually doing it. If you're an aspiring writer and you believe you have a book inside of you that will make a difference in the world... this is for you.

Always Wanted to Start a Blog?


In this course I teach you how to write and publish an online blog to help you gain more authority and visibility online. I'll get you up and running on, one of the largest free platforms in the world with over 100 million active visitors a month! A big step forward in the pursuit of the writer you want to be! 

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Ready To Write Your Book?


Isn't it time to write the book you always dreamed? This one on one coaching is an investment in helping you fulfill that dream. I've helped launch many books for women just like you. I support and guide you with planning, writing, and finishing your book. Soon, you'll have your book in hand! A dream come true! Now is the perfect time to get started now! 

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Want to Jump Start Your Writing Project?


This VIP Intensive is designed to get the highly motivated writer started on that dream project in just one day! In this 4-hour private session you'll set achievable goals, gain clarity, have the tools to get started, and wild enthusiasm so you can finally publish that book or blog. Is this right for you? Let's talk so you can decide.

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The Creativity Lab

Mindset is everything. That's where the seed of an idea begins. It's where ideas land and unfold. It's the one thing good writers all know is the secret to making your writing possible. With The Creativity Lab, you'll be setting the stage for your writing dreams to begin. This is a tiny affordable course that is big on value.

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How often have you said, "I want to write, but I just don't know where to start."

I had the same question... and fortunately, I knew where to turn...


"I've always dreamed of writing a book, but I didn't know where to begin! My dream felt so overwhelming and unachievable, but Sandy broke down the process into bite-sized chunks. She was my cheerleader. Through her support, knowledge, and accountability...
I did it! I'm the proud author of "The Emerging Healer."
I never could've done it without Sandy!"

Chevonna Gaylor, MA, LMFT

Mental Health Expert, Trauma Specialist, and Published Author, The Emerging Healer

What can a book or blog do for you?

Besides fulfilling the dream that you always wanted to write someday... here are other things that can happen as a result of writing your book or blog:
  • Your story becomes a meaningful contribution to someone's life. You've made a difference.
  • A resource for sharing your talent and knowledge with others
  • Helps you become an authority in your industry
  • Helps you stand out from others in your profession
  • Used as a theme/workbook for classes and workshops you'd like to teach, either online or in person
  • A tool for building a professional network
  • Markets your business
  • Brings you and your business more online exposure
  • Builds SEO rankings on the internet
  • Builds a speaking business
  • A resource for extra revenue
  • Helps you get noticed in a competitive world
  • Gives you the legacy you deserve
  • Leaves your lasting imprint on the world.

Free Tools to Take Action Now!

As an emerging writer, you'll begin the process of self discovery, blending mindset strategies with taking action. I can help you find clarity so you can blend the joy of writing, with the excitement of manifesting your dreams.

Free... Creativity Checklist Strategies to Awaken the Writer in You

Seven compelling mindset strategies every writer must learn... to ignite the creativity in you. I learned these proven strategies from a professional screenwriter. You'll become a writing machine!

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Mini Transformation Course Sometimes we need inspirational support

Free mini course, 10 Days of 10 Minute Lessons for the woman who's ready to become the Queen of her life. Put on your crown & learn practices, beliefs, and tools to help you love your life again.

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For over two decades I worked behind the scenes of a professional writer.

My husband, David Peckinpah, was an Emmy-nominated television and film writer and producer. 

I was great at helping him create story ideas and characters, but I was terrified to write my own. 

The truth is, I didn't know if I could. 

One day my desire to write became greater than my fear. I finally committed and began working on my first book.

To date, I've written 5 published books, numerous ebooks, and over 100 articles featured in Thrive Global,, The Startup, The Ascent, and Huffington Post.

My first book Rosey... the Imperfect Angel was recorded with the voice of Little House on the Prairie actress, Melissa Gilbert. It was nominated for a Grammy in 2009! The most recent book, How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen, has won 8 awards, including the Readers' Favorite Book Award. 

I am absolutely passionate about helping women, like you, learn the benefits of journaling, share your stories, write your books and blogs, and create an impact in the world.

If you've said, "I’ve always wanted to write, but I don't know where to start!

Well, now you do... I can hardly wait to get started!



Want some quick inspiration? I've got loads of articles on my BLOG page. I write about creativity, emotional support, writing tips, love... and manifesting the life of your dreams! Here are just a few:

Sandy Peckinpah is inspiring greatness in authors everywhere!


If you have ever wanted to start writing and have no idea where to begin, do yourself a favor and start with Sandy, it is a decision you will never regret. I am blessed to be the curate of a yearly compilation book that brings together budding and seasoned authors to co-author. Part of our process is providing education and inspiration to those in the project. Sandy presented on the topic of writing and curating your story and or blog. I do not have the words to adequality express my gratitude for the impact she made on everyone. Sandy, has this exceptional grace when sharing knowledge that inspires people into creative action and flow. Providing tangible actionable steps that support them through their writing process. The feedback I received from the authors was profound. I would highly recommend Sandy Peckinpah to support you in any writing project you are considering embarking on.

~Jenny Ryce, ACC, Mindset Stagiest
Owner and President of Your Holistic Earth

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