Dream Big to Imagine Your Life Today

ambition creativity dream linkedin musings Jan 25, 2022
Dream Big to Imagine Your Life Today

I remember Oprah saying she would never have been able to dream big enough to imagine her life today… that her dreams were based on what she knew at the time. She said she couldn’t have predicted or imagined all that she has become.

The magnitude of your life can’t be predicted. And you don’t need to know everything before you move forward with the life you planned.
You know the expression “fly the plane while you’re building it?" That saying always made me feel a little excited about what comes next.

It’s the perfect metaphor for avoiding fear or overwhelm because all you have to consider is the very next step.

You can still have the blueprint for building, but there are always tiny adjustments AND big leaps that surprise you until they present themselves.

We are all hardwired to thrive. We are also hardwired as creative beings.

Creativity guarantees us the flexibility to go on, in spite of our setbacks. Creativity is not just limited to the arts; it is in everything and every decision you make. It helps guide you to the next step and the next.
(That's me with my daughter at Oprah's speaking event in Los Angeles)

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