Fire the Imposter and Celebrate!

linkedin musings Nov 24, 2021

It was time to finally fire the imposter and celebrate!
For a long time, I knew there was something negative lurking around me. I started researching that uneasy feeling.   

I came upon a 1978 study of high achieving women, clinical psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes concluded that the women in the study believed they were not intelligent and were “over evaluated” by others. They couldn’t appreciate their accomplishments because they felt like frauds.

Although this was a study of women, I think men feel it, too.
Sound familiar? We all feel like imposters at times. Centuries of writers, artists, musicians, and other creatives have dismissed their accomplishments and brilliance by claiming success was “luck,” “timing,” or “deception.”

And it’s not restricted to the arts, think about the number of times someone has complimented you on an achievement, and you’ve brushed it off as “luck” or “timing.”

For me, the imposter syndrome arose in the years I had to balance being a single mom with my corporate career, trying to do it all.
During that time, there were abundant years and lean years, but I made it work. My 17-year career experienced cycles, but throughout, I remained one of the top producers in my office. I supported my home, and I put my kids through college.

An imposter didn’t do that… a talented, successful woman did.

It took me years to realize… It was time to fire the imposter inside my head. I had to get comfortable with myself. 

I sat down and wrote a list of my accomplishments and wins, including that of being a full-time mom. When I added it all up, I had a list to be proud of. 

If you ever have doubts, look at your list. Revolutionize your thinking by owning your accomplishments. Change your thoughts… change your potential. 

FIRE the self-doubt monster inside your head today!

Start celebrating your wins! You might even toast with a Manhattan, yep, that’s me in the photo with a Manhattan, making a big deal of it!

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