Journaling, Gems to Create Your Future

healing after loss journaling linkedin musings notebooking writing May 17, 2022

Question: Who are you writing to when you write in your journal? Is it your present self, your future self, or your past self?

I know journaling was key to my survival when I was grieving the loss of my 16-year-old son. Then, I was writing to my present self, feeling the raw emotions as I scratched my pen to paper.

But in many ways, it was a gift to my future self. I could look at the pages weeks later and see how far I'd come. Just by writing, I allowed my tears a place to dry and a future me to evolve.

What I didn't know then, those pages would become the foundation for one of my greatest accomplishments... my book, How to Survive the Worst that can Happen, a parent's guide to healing after the loss of a child.

Do you keep a journal or a notebook with your thoughts of the day? Have you ever looked through those pages for gems to create your future?

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