Read a Book 10 Minutes Every Day

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Read a Book 10 Minutes Every Day

Last year, someone in the LinkedIn Sprint shared their intentions for increasing their success and living a more fulfilled life. I’m sorry, I can’t remember who, but their wisdom has stayed with me.

They said they started reading from a book for 10 minutes every day. How simple is that! What happened as a result has really affected my life.

Reading has always been pleasurable for me, but somewhere a few years ago, I stopped reading books as much as I used to. I got distracted by social media, Netflix, and other streaming opportunities.

So, I began the 10-minute-a-day quest. It wasn’t long before I remembered what reading does for me:

  • It keeps me inspired by other people’s thoughts.
  • It gives me a different perspective.
  • It restores my ability to be more discerning with my time,
  • it encourages me to spend time with lasting benefits

As I made a dent in the stack of books beside my bed, I miraculously felt uplifted and inspired, and my own writing came more easily.

Ideas would come to me, triggered by something someone else had written.

It opened the creative flow. Concepts and ideas appeared in my mind. I could hardly wait to get to my desk to begin writing.

As this new LinkedIn Sprint begins, I want to thank the person who shared that 10-minute trick… and I say “trick” because guess what happens… you don’t stop at 10, you want more and more… and it transforms you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!
This is Day 1 of the 30-Day LinkedIn Sprint! If you'd like to join us, contact Tom Kuegler 🏃

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