Silence the Chains from Your Inner Voice

linkedin musings overcoming fear Feb 09, 2022
Silence the Chains from Your Inner Voice

I heard this quote on Game of Thrones:

“People learn to love their chains.”

And… it really got me thinking about the self-imposed chains I wear.

Can you remember a time when you were close to reaching a personal or professional goal, and you dropped the ball?

I can…. I still have anxiety about a script I wrote several years ago that could have gone so much further… but fear was my chain. A tiny voice in my head said… “Are you sure you’re good enough? Why should they pick YOU over a more experienced writer?

It was easier not to move forward… out of fear. I flat out dropped the ball!
I was more content to never know because of my chain of fear.

In researching, I learned that your mind is the great curator of negativity. When these fears and false beliefs collide, the voice inside your head curates all the negative experiences and throws them back at you.

In the book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz said Agreement Number 1 is “to be impeccable with your word.” This means not only with others…. But most of all… be impeccable with how you speak to yourself!

Isn’t it time to start breaking those chains and be kind to yourself? It’s not always easy, but once you’re aware the negative voice has no credibility, you can never be unaware!

Hmmm… maybe it’s time for me to revisit that script …

Is there something in your past that was held back because of the chains from your inner voice?

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