The 30-Day LinkedIn Sprint Challenge

linkedin musings linkedin sprint marketing social media marketing writing tips Jun 15, 2022

I've recently participated in a really dynamic challenge! Tom Kuegler's LinkedIn 30-Day Sprint requires a big commitment- to post every day for 30 days… and to comment on all the other sprinters’ posts! I’m a big fan of challenges. It forces me to go beyond what I think is possible. I’ve never fully explored LinkedIn before the challenge. I’d just pop on every now and then to post one of my Medium articles. They never got much traction, no more than 4 or five views.

With Tom’s expertise, I learned new tips and triggers for being able to share the best of who you are, in the hopes that others will benefit.

Here are some happy stats:

  1. Pre-sprint, I’d average 4 or 5 views. During the sprint, my daily average was 724 views… with a whopping 4,190 views on one of my posts!
  2. I gained 100 followers and my profile views went up from 23 to 66.
  3. I rarely put photos of myself on posts or my Medium articles. I always used stock photos. Tom suggested the strategy of using personal photos. At first, it felt a little self-centered, but then I realized people were getting to know different sides of me, and I was able to have more impact on what I wrote because they could see me. People could connect with the person instead of a stock photo!
  4. The unexpected surprise? Getting to know some pretty remarkable people. At first, I felt like an outsider. There were people who knew far more than me about marketing and other skills. I’m a writer, pure and simple (and a real estate agent in SoCal). I also love teaching people how to write their own stories so they can look at their lives from a new perspective, show others what is possible, and have a greater impact on the world. What ultimately comes out of that exploration is a book or blog. The LinkedIn 30-Day Sprint people want stories that matter. They want to be either informed, inspired, or deeply moved. This was in perfect alignment with what I do!
  5. Lastly… Tom is a dynamic teacher. What I love about him-he is consistently looking for new and better ways to help us share our work and grow our reach. I first found him on Medium, and although he’s the age of my own children, I found him incredibly wise and inspirational. The sprint was well thought out providing so much value that I can use in other parts of my business. There were Google documents and templates to learn from, charts to keep track of…, and a whole lot of motivation!

I hope you consider joining his next sprint in August. I’ll be there. If you’re interested, contact Tom Kuegler. You will be better for it!

Let’s continue! I’d love to share a little writing inspiration with this: 7 Mindset Strategies for the Writer. I will also send you occasional emails to inspire you with more stories and encourage you on your creative journey!