TODAY.... Eliminate The Word “Someday” From Your Vocabulary

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TODAY.... Eliminate The Word “Someday” From Your Vocabulary

Today I was thinking about the word, "someday." A while ago I learned what that really means... putting it off for a magical time in the distant future. It might happen, or not, depending on your commitment to "someday."

After my first 2 books, I put off writing my next book for years, decades actually. I lost the momentum and just kept saying "someday I want to write my next book..."

I had to learn the biggest secret to doing what I always said I would do.

That secret was changing "someday" to "today. I needed to believe in that dream, so much so, that I committed to doing one thing "today" to make it happen. With that, I also decided I'd stop making excuses and follow through instead of putting it off one more day. But how?

One simple step:
Will you TODAY... Eliminate the word “someday” from your vocabulary, and replace it with “today?”

Then.... let your imagination run wild!

When you shift your goal from the "someday" to imagine the possibilities, you begin to feel the excitement churning inside, where another day, another hour, another minute urges you to sit down and do it.

I love creating ways to help people share their story... either through books or blogs. It brings me such joy and constantly reinforces the fact that I am capable of creating the things I love doing the most.
Helping people know how important their story is. 

You are capable, too, of using your life story as a backdrop for helping others with theirs.
I hear your desires... you may be one of those who aspire to write a book, a blog, a journal... whatever that looks like for you.

You might imagine it even bigger than that.... published! Out there... your story making a difference in people's lives! 
But it needs something more than a wish and a hope... 

You don't have to know everything when you begin.  Just the very next step. 

Whether that step is sitting down at your desk to write, talking through your heart’s desire with a friend, or signing up for a class, just do it.

Take that single step and you will have put your dreams in motion.
It all boils down to one thought… don’t let this day get away from you without creating your version of the story.... your story, and you get to say how it ends. 

Now I'm having a cappuccino to celebrate!

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