When Forgiveness Comes at Just the Right Time

anger forgiveness love Oct 29, 2018

How Letting Go of Anger Restores the Past.

I remember quite clearly, walking hand in hand with my husband, down the Red Carpet at the Primetime Emmy Awards. This was a moment we’d always dreamed of. I thought I had a fairy tale life and this was how it would be forever.

I didn’t realize then, how much I counted on life going the way I planned. I had it all figured out. Here we were celebrating an achievement we’d worked toward since we were in our 20’s.

I was so proud of my husband, but this was my night too! I worked closely with him developing each and every script, and this was a time for us both to shine!

David was an Emmy nominated television writer and producer. In the beginning, our marriage was a partnership based on our love of writing. Our courtship began with an idea for a book. Out of that creative passion, we married and created a beautiful family with four children. I loved our life together.

On the night of the Emmys, amongst the glitz...

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