3 Exercises for Writing Your Next Chapter

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Are you on the threshold of your next chapter, but you're stuck with a past that won't leave you alone? Those old negative beliefs about your life might have been hanging around far too long.
If so, you’re the perfect person to do this exercise.

First, learn the value of finding stillness in your day. With the ability to do this, there is no mountain you can't move. Your brain needs a recharge, and this is how to do it.

Find a quiet place to settle into a chair with a notebook and pen. Close your eyes, and slow down your thoughts.

Are your thoughts coming at you like daggers? Surround those thoughts in puffy imaginary white clouds, blow them away with your "out" breath, and then breathe in the stillness.

When you’ve been able to do this for a few minutes, you can open your eyes and draw attention to these three questions and begin writing what comes to you:

  1. What is the one inciting incident holding you in a state of feeling stuck, unhappy, and incapable of moving forward?
  2. Is there anything you’re ready to let go of around the emotions you have connected to this?
  3. What decision can you make today to begin your next step over the threshold?

Once you’ve made even the tiniest decision, you’ll have new clarity. It will allow urge you to leave the negative ties behind. You’ve awakened your ability to survive and move forward.

You can now look up at the sky and see puffy clouds moving by, knowing those were in the past, and today is a new day.

Your next chapter is waiting in the wings.

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