Break Out the Romance in Your Life...Get Creative

creativity linkedin musings personal development Mar 22, 2022

Did you know when you fall in love with a great book, a delicious meal, a beautiful painting, or see a movie you’ll never forget, you’re falling in love with someone’s idea... born from creativity?

Several years ago, I started to become envious, even jealous of other people’s work. I recognized I was frustrated because I was not fulfilling my own creative potential.

I pushed away my desire to write when I began a new career. My sole focus was my job, and I didn’t see any way I could do both.

But my feelings changed when I realized creativity is deeply embedded in everything we do, from working out problems, building relationships, starting an entrepreneurial venture... or anything, really.

Our brains are wired to do the same things over and over again... sounds pretty mundane until you realize there is one thing that can break out the romance in your life... and that’s creativity.

Once your creative mind wakes up, something else happens...

You begin to design a plan for your future.

Carpe Diem everyone! Go seize the day.

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