Don't Miss Your Genius Idea!

creativity inspiration linkedin musings notebooking writing tips May 02, 2022
Don't Miss Your Genius Idea!

Do you have brilliant thoughts and ideas that come to you in the shower or while you’re at the gym? 
Those ideas seem like they are too brilliant to forget…. But so often we do!

Mine range from telling me what to write about, great titles for my articles and books, ways to encourage my clients, and sometimes, how to handle difficult conversations (I get a whole dialogue going with that!). 

They also hold snippets of your desires… your dreams for the future!
Don’t ignore these golden thoughts! Those gems are telling you where to put your attention next!

They can be fleeting thoughts… SO beware, you might forget them. 

I finally remedied this decades ago by keeping a small notebook with me in my purse, I also use the note-taking feature on my phone if I’m out for a walk or at the gym.

Those random notes have given birth to many articles, and books, and paved the way for great things happening in my life. 

Consider this… Those ideas may be asking you for a date in the future.

They are asking for your attention because they think you’re ready to deliver… Just watch… That date in the future is the one where you’ll look back and say… “ahhhh I’m so glad that idea came to me… it changed everything!”


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