Are You Ready to Fulfill Your Creative Calling?

2021 might just be the year your great idea catapults into something more

We can choose to take our chance, to speak up, and to contribute.
Seth Godin, The Practice

If you're asking yourself, what have I always wanted to do, but haven’t, you’re not alone. All of us dream of that one thing we’re called to do… Someday.

But last year taught us we can’t always count on “someday,” and there’s never been a better time to accelerate your drive to fulfill your creative destiny.

Why now? Because the creative mind thrives on unrest.

Creativity often emerges during the darkest times.

Authors like CS Lewis, Hemingway, and J. K. Rowling have said some of their best work was born in the midst of struggles. The chaotic brain becomes more alive in its deep-rooted battle to find a new way, to solve the problem, and to survive.

Once you feel the creative yearning it’s already in motion. It becomes part of your DNA. You can shove it...

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How to Quickly Shift Your Thoughts for a Happier Life

These mindset tips will improve the quality of your life

“It’s not your fault that something bad happened to you, but it is your responsibility to fix it.” -Will Smith

Did you know that everything in your life was first a thought? Every thought has shaped the biggest and the smallest decisions to give you the results you have today.

People struggle with this concept because it doesn’t explain why bad things happen to good people. We’ve all experienced times when our world turns upside down, and we’re at the mercy of circumstances.

It’s part of being a human, and no one is immune. You cannot prevent bad things from happening, but you can take action to restore your life.

“The road to power is in taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is not an admission of guilt but a recognition of the power that you gain when you stop blaming people. Taking responsibility is taking your power back.” -Will Smith

Think of all the things...

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Have Time on Your Hands, Pick up a Book and Read!

An armful of recent books to arouse creativity, spark your entrepreneurial ventures, and uplift your life in new ways.

I can't believe two weeks (or more) has dropped in my lap as a challenge to do what I said I didn’t have time to do:

1. Read more books

2. Write more articles

3. Finish my next book

4. Find calm in the midst of chaos

And now time is exactly what I do have.

As a little girl with big dreams, I was the curly-haired redhead waiting at the corner for the bookmobile during the summer weeks in Monterey, California. I’d end up with an armload of books to absorb over the next week, and I’d read them all.

Books have always been a resource of inspiration, entertainment, healing, and transformation for me.

I love the feel of a book in my hand. I buy the physical book so I can highlight and make notes in the margins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, I love to be interactive with my reading...

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How to Create Lasting Impact and Live a Life of Meaning: 7 Insights to Help Discover your Purpose and Rise Up to Your Fullest Potential

Did you once believe your thoughts were impossible? No, you believed all was possible. That’s the unscathed purity of youth.

On any given day you could turn into a princess, a superhero, or a ballerina. Sometimes our friends would play with us, and together our thoughts became even grander! Our friends were our dream team, partners in creation!

If thoughts are capable of becoming things, then, are our long lost dreams still things living inside of us? If that’s true, where did those unresolved, unfulfilled dreams go?

What happened to your life script?

You used to feel so brave and strong, so invincible until your beliefs and self-doubt sabotaged your goals. And what role did rejection play, or fear, failure, guilt… life.

Beliefs are thoughts we have over and over again until they become what we believe. They can be true or not.

The good beliefs are those that move your life forward. Negative beliefs live inside of your mind as incessant chatter. It’s the inner...

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