Follow Your Heart and Create What You Love

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Follow Your Heart and Create What You Love

What did she do that was different?
If you're a woman, you likely know who Sara Blakely is... or at least what she created... Spanx. 

She's a perfect example of a woman who knew how powerful her story could be if she listened to her thoughts and acted on them.
She had a fleeting thought one day to cut off the feet of pantyhose to wear under her new white pants. But she didn't stop there... she wondered if other women could benefit from her great idea!

Now, she's one of the wealthiest people in the world.

But it's more than that... she followed her heart and created a life she loves

What was her secret? It was claiming the thought as her own, and acting on it... one step at a time.

I, too, learned the value of my story when I began writing after my daughter was born.

I knew my story had purpose and value to others. It was a tiny idea to write a fairy tale for my daughter, born with a facial defect. I wanted to create a story that could empower her! Let her shine!

That tiny idea moved forward at a speed I couldn't have imagined. I did one simple thing-I sat down to write. Soon, it was finished, off to a publisher, and then it soared beyond my wildest dreams.

The media embraced it. My daughter and I were on news programs, daily network morning shows, radio, and newspapers across the country. Then, schools, hospitals, and libraries incorporated it into their programs. It was miraculous to see how my daughter’s life and the story around it changed the way people treated her and others like her.

The photo (obviously at a fun fancy event) is of me and my daughter... and you can see the miracle in her face, thanks to the team of doctors who corrected her birth defect with several surgeries during her childhood. (The Cleft Team at Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica).

(Shhhh... there might be SPANX under our outfits! Thank you, Sara. 😘)

What did I do differently when I heard the whisper to write? I set aside my fear because I had a bigger "Why"... my daughter... I sat down to write the first sentence, and then the next...I kept hearing the whisper... keep writing... your story matters.

And it does...

Guess what... all YOU have to do is say YES to that whisper, then it's showtime.

Show Time? Yes... you SHOW UP for your dreams.

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