Pattern Interrupt for a New Perspective

finding purpose linkedin musings personal development productivity Feb 22, 2022

Having experienced a lot of loss in my life, I learned long ago the world doesn’t wait for you to finish grieving. In fact, grief has no timetable at all, but your business requires your attention no matter what.

It's exhausting...

When I’m in a state of exhaustion, the thought of even beginning my next workday feels overwhelming. And yet, it’s necessary to sustain a “high performance” status.

Do you ever feel like that?

We hide our feelings from our co-workers and clients because if we let it out, we’ll be thought of as not professional or not competent. On the outside, we look like we have it all together. On the inside, we’re struggling.

These past 18 days doing the #LinkedIn30DaySprint with the amazing Tom Kuegler 🏃 has introduced me to a whole new realm of possibility. I’ve met remarkable people and heard their personal stories, their struggles, and their triumphs…. And it’s so freeing to know we are not alone!

I’d like to shift your thinking for a moment and marvel at your strength. You are where you are because of your ability to perform in a complex world, rolling with the fluctuations in life.

It’s really okay to talk about the struggles and the feeling of inadequacy on a platform like LinkedIn. It makes us human, and humans connect with humans. What a beautiful thing to be open and honest! It’s a point of connection!

You’re not a failure because you feel exhausted or overwhelmed. In fact, it indicates you’re pretty amazing at all you’ve achieved so far.

Let overwhelm inform you of things you need to change. Don’t let it steal your joy. Give it a purpose.

It’s saying to you: Time to do a pattern-interrupt and re-organize your day. This morning I woke up feeling anxious and behind in my work because I missed most of my workday yesterday due to helping my mom get to her doctor appointments.

That feeling of anxiety manifests in my breathing. I recognized it right away. Instead of responding to emails right away, I decided to sit down and write…. Something that always brings me comfort… and drink a cup of chamomile tea. (thank you, Jerome Huff)

Ahhhh…. That’s better.

If you feel overwhelmed, do a pattern interrupt. It will give you a new perspective, a new starting point, and time to breathe.

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