The Ritual of Writing

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The Ritual of Writing

Beginning decades ago, each afternoon I look forward to my cappuccino hour. This sacred hour is my time for self-reflection and journaling, then writing an article.

Each day, that mystical magical coffee brew transports me back to Italy where I had my very first cappuccino. I was just 16, but from that point on, I became a coffee lover….

Actually, a ritual lover.

You see, I learned to attach "the ritual of writing" to the joy of sipping coffee in that sacred hour. It has given me a decades-long habit that makes it easy to start the process of creativity.  

In Italy, they consider it a big no-no to have a cappuccino past the morning, but I enjoy it smack dab in the middle of my day because it’s the transition hour for me. I go from all the business dealings of the day to an hour of ritual peacefulness.

Coffee is the appetizer, and journaling is the portal that begins the flow of writing so I can then write articles or work on my books. If you’re a writer, or an artist, or creative in any way, you can benefit from journaling as the portal to your creativity. So many great minds have used it… like Picasso, C.S. Lewis, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, and Maya Angelou.

My late husband, David was a screenwriter for television and film. He wrote every single day… and I mean that. His ability to write was off the charts, but even he began his writing sessions with a ritual.

Decades ago, I remember Oprah saying she had a morning ritual of making tea. She said it was meditative. And it is. But it’s double the pleasure because I attach the ritual of writing in my journal to the joy of savoring a fragrant mug of expresso with foamy milk and an almond biscotti. By the way, the mug in the photo says “moi,” which means "me" in French.... perfect for "me time!" 

I’ve been doing this special ritual for years. Even today... I wrote this post with my cappuccino beside me at my desk. 

NOW HERE’S THE TAKEAWAY:  If you have a good habit or task you want to develop, try wrapping a ritual around it. You’ll find it makes it ever so much more pleasurable and sets a trigger for the magic to begin.

I know for sure that intentional rituals keep you on track with fulfilling your commitments… and they bring you joy!

Do you have a special ritual? Tell me!

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