Too Sensitive or Too Creative?

emotional intelligence linkedin musings personal development writing Apr 11, 2022

Are you too Sensitive?
Did you know when people say you’re too sensitive they are referring to a unique group of people who share one trait in common… they are creative!

For as long as I can remember, I was told I was too sensitive, and it never felt good. It was usually in response to something that was said to me in sarcasm but had a bite to it. It hurt! And yet, I was told I shouldn't feel that way because it was said in jest.

I questioned...was being sensitive a bad trait? I was certainly made to feel it was. Surely I wasn't the only one...

No... I'm not alone...

I read a report by Dr. Elaine Aron who is a psychotherapist and researcher. She estimates that 15 to 20% of the population are sensitive people. She says they think more deeply, feel more deeply, and are emotionally more intense.

But guess what? We sensitive people are in good company!

Some notable people who felt this way were Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Alanis Morissette, and Lady Gaga.

You know what sensitivity is? It’s emotion. It feels good or feels bad, but most of the time when people tell you “you’re too sensitive,” it’s because they said something that hurt you. It leaves you feeling unsettled and vulnerable, often changing the way you see yourself.

But don’t fret! Sensitivity can be used in a powerful way. It can be your muse and the perfect foundation for a creative life.

If you’ve ever been hurt by something someone said or did, try not to dwell on it any longer. Shift your thinking to appreciate your emotions and the gifts that give.

Because you’re sensitive, you might be a better writer, actor, better at client relations, at building a business to benefit people… any number of possibilities that need valuable, emotionally insightful people. You will also be a better friend, lover, and human being because you care so much.

Let your sensitivity work for you and enjoy how deeply you feel. Then write about it.

Here's the question: Do you think you're too sensitive?

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