12 Ways to Make Your First Impression the One They Remember

“You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression”

It wasn’t all that long ago I lived in Los Angeles, surrounded by incredible energy of highly creative people. It’s a city that demands a certain amount of presence in order to even get your foot in the door.

But I saw it all the time… the people who seemed to have what it takes, and those that didn’t. Through the years I observed people rise to the top of their game, and it wasn’t always because they were the best writers or best actors. It had to do with presence, that special something that people exude when you first meet them, or even just walk into a room.

My late husband was a successful producer and writer for television and film, but in the beginning of his career, he was just as uncertain as everyone else. His eyes would dart around the room, he’d rub his hands together, and he’d avoid eye contact. As his confidence grew, so did his presence, and soon he...

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