How to Calm Yourself with a Few Choice Steps to Help Ease Anxiety

anxiety mental health Apr 30, 2020

Anticipatory grief is the mind going to the future and imagining the worst. To calm yourself, you want to come into the present.

I’ve studied grief recovery for over two decades, and yet it still surprises me when my old grief comes back to life with new circumstances.

It happened to me yesterday.

I jumped out of bed and remembered… there’s a crisis.

My physical reaction was real, and so was my fear. My heart raced, my breathing, labored, and shallow. No matter what I did, I couldn’t calm myself down.

I had dreamed I was working in my office with my business partner. We were discussing a current contract. Suddenly, without warning, water rushed into the office through the doors and windows.

A tsunami! I was knee-deep in water mounting quickly and struggling to hang on to something, anything.

Just as quickly as it rushed in, the tide receded. Everything was gone with the tide rushing out the door. I was afraid to touch my computer, my phone had vanished, my...

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