The Powerful Pause… Rediscovering a Place Called Home

Finding peace and serenity in unexpected places during the quarantine.

I never knew my house before… until it became my world. 

I’ve walked the rooms a million times over, but I never really appreciated it, or the surroundings I call my neighborhood. 

Now, because of Covid-19, it’s my everything. It’s become my refuge, my serenity, my safe haven. It’s become my workspace, my afternoon café, my backyard retreat, and holds a sacred place where my soul lives.

I began taking daily walks to replace the gym. It’s my daily Zen.

Each morning and evening, I venture out, navigating the sidewalks leading to the trails behind my neighborhood. Miraculously, it opens up to a wildlife preserve.

You’d never know it was devastated by a wind-driven fire last October. But it is green again. The wildflowers are in full bloom, and it feels as though I’m seeing them for the first time. Maybe I never noticed when I drove by in my...

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How to Quickly Shift Your Thoughts for a Happier Life

These mindset tips will improve the quality of your life

“It’s not your fault that something bad happened to you, but it is your responsibility to fix it.” -Will Smith

Did you know that everything in your life was first a thought? Every thought has shaped the biggest and the smallest decisions to give you the results you have today.

People struggle with this concept because it doesn’t explain why bad things happen to good people. We’ve all experienced times when our world turns upside down, and we’re at the mercy of circumstances.

It’s part of being a human, and no one is immune. You cannot prevent bad things from happening, but you can take action to restore your life.

“The road to power is in taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is not an admission of guilt but a recognition of the power that you gain when you stop blaming people. Taking responsibility is taking your power back.” -Will Smith

Think of all the things...

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How to Calm Yourself with a Few Choice Steps to Help Ease Anxiety

anxiety mental health Apr 30, 2020

Anticipatory grief is the mind going to the future and imagining the worst. To calm yourself, you want to come into the present.

I’ve studied grief recovery for over two decades, and yet it still surprises me when my old grief comes back to life with new circumstances.

It happened to me yesterday.

I jumped out of bed and remembered… there’s a crisis.

My physical reaction was real, and so was my fear. My heart raced, my breathing, labored, and shallow. No matter what I did, I couldn’t calm myself down.

I had dreamed I was working in my office with my business partner. We were discussing a current contract. Suddenly, without warning, water rushed into the office through the doors and windows.

A tsunami! I was knee-deep in water mounting quickly and struggling to hang on to something, anything.

Just as quickly as it rushed in, the tide receded. Everything was gone with the tide rushing out the door. I was afraid to touch my computer, my phone had vanished, my...

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