Jump-Starting Your Next Creative Project With 5 Intentional Strategies I Learned from a Successful Screenwriter

The Man I Loved Taught Me When Creativity Fizzles, it’s Not Forever

About a month ago my creativity fizzled. It went to the darkest place imaginable… the black hole of “I’m not good enough.”

My creative war began after an article I posted didn’t receive the views I’d come to expect. I hated myself for having those thoughts. Was it really the views? Was that the source of my motivation?

There was a time when I simply wrote because it soothed me. It was my way of healing from a long list of losses and disappointments. I missed the solitude of writing; not so much the intimacy of my writing “nest,” but the fact I wrote for my eyes only.

I decided not to write again for a while, days actually, and life changed. My mind had no place to go… lost, wandering, and wondering what I would do with my thoughts if I couldn’t write them down.

So much of my writing is tied to my well-being. It centers me, gives me a buzz, and a huge...

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What I Learned About Exceptional Success from a 3 Star Chef (And It’s Not About Cooking)

9 Surprising Principles For Lighting a Fire To Your Career

Wildly successful creative people fascinate me. I still waiver when it comes to defining my own personal success; I just know when my talents marry with the skills I’ve learned, it’s where the magic happens. I feel my heart beating, and I wake up excited for the day ahead to lead the way for my creative self to expand.

Sometimes creative success is fleeting. You see someone who does really well with a first published book, a first CD, or art in a gallery show, and then their career falls flat. It’s the thing all creative people fear… “am I a “one-hit wonder?”

How do you build sustainable success?
I wondered, where does sustainable success come from? It doesn’t appear to be limited to talent alone… it’s a complexity of ingredients that include a willingness to use strategies to keep the creative fire lit, a never-ending commitment to excellence, and a love for what...

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Stop Feeling Like an Imposter, How to Gain Confidence and Credibility

Your Future is Counting On It

Are you terrified of embracing your full potential and going for it? If self-doubt has ever stopped you from achieving what you hoped for, you’re not alone.

It can manifest itself in those pursuing a career goal, a fitness goal, or those yearning for a satisfying relationship. It’s often felt deeply in people who yearn to be creative.

Self-doubt is one of the most common obstacles to performance in any area of life. It’s the red light that stops you from moving forward with your goals and prevents you from rising to your fullest potential.

Statistics say that approximately 70% of the population suffers from feeling like imposters at one time or another, and that is caused by the monster in our brains… self-doubt.

If you feel like a fraud, you’re not alone. 
I was so happy to hear there actually is something called the “Imposter Syndrome.”

I’ve suffered from it for years.

Wikipedia defines the Imposter or...

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Crazy Optimism is the Best Momentum

How the Film Business Taught Me to Live a Creative Life… Against All Odds

It was destiny, no doubt… a force waiting in the wings to join together a creative union that would inspire a body of work that simply began with the desire, I want to be a writer.

On the night we first met, my future husband and I walked along the beach in Monterey. There was no denying the instant attraction, but it was so much more. We quizzed each other on who we wanted to become. We were just 22 and a whole lifetime ahead.

David said, “I want to be a writer.”

I asked, “What have you written?”

He replied, “A poem. It’s called ‘Old Bill’.”

And, I married him anyway.

Writing simply began with a desire.
Crazy optimism. I guess I saw potential in this one poem man who had dreams of becoming a writer. I also saw my own potential as a spark, a muse, and a way to set my own creative possibilities on fire.

Our courtship was not traditional at all. We...

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Follow Your Art and the World Will Take Notice

Cultivating Creativity from What You Already Know and Love

I just got back from Gidget’s ranch with a bounty of fresh cauliflower, lettuce, mustard greens, baby carrots, and sweet tangerines.

Our friendship began decades ago when I had this crazy passion to ride a horse. I had two young boys finally in pre-school and had the mornings free for my heart’s desire. Every day I’d drop the kids off and head to the barn.

Gidget and I would saddle up and ride for hours through the trails of Hidden Hills in Calabasas, and then go for a big breakfast of ranch eggs, bacon, and sweet herbal tea at the Good Earth Cafe.

As the years went by, Hidden Hills became more crowded with huge homes of the rich and famous, crowding out the riding trails and replacing the comfortable little ranch homes. It was no longer a safe haven to ride.

Sometimes your commitment to follow your art means leaving behind what once felt safe.
One day, Gidget announced she’d bought 5 acres of land in the...

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The Myth of the White Lie

Does the Acceptable Lie Challenge Integrity?

The dawn of conscious memory is the miraculous moment you are suddenly aware of life. Your brain, your senses, your ability to process thought is suddenly alive. It’s not the moment you’re born… It’s the very first moment you recall your mind having thoughts.

For most people, it falls somewhere between the ages of 3 and 6. Your first memory could be one of delight, something that awakened your curiosity about life. For others, it might be a painful memory that booted your brain’s hard drive.

My dawn of conscious memory was a blend of both. I remember sitting in the back seat of a car, just about four years old.

My new friend sat beside me. I remember feeling happy to be with her, and it seems we were returning from a party because I had a paper hat and wore my party shoes.

My friend pointed to a round knob next to the ashtray in the armrest of the car door, something we don’t see in the back seat of cars...

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What if Every ‘No’ Meant ‘Not Yet’

Using the Magic of Disappointment to Reshape Your Dreams


There was a time when I believed life had order. I thought I had it all, and that nothing bad could ever happen. I look back now and wonder… was there ever really such a time?

No one is immune. Life happens. At one time or another, we all go through a challenge that you never expect… one that is life changing, even devastating.

We often hide our private struggles and disappointments, feeling we’re the only ones. Those times either stifle us or make us stronger.

“Your reaction to life challenges is your choice.”

It might feel as though you only have one option or one way of reacting to a challenging life experience or opportunity. When you feel the fear and chaos, it’s the very moment you’re forced to take the next step.

If you’re still alive, you’re not done, yet. Today is your opportunity to cultivate what happens next.

“No one in the world can fill the space that...

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What if Your Creative Calling Doesn’t Back Down

Every moment of your life is an act of creativity.
It’s a blend of actions and reactions shaping what your next point in time looks like.

Do you take this step or that? Do you write one paragraph or two? Do you sing the high note or the low note? Do you act on this idea or that one? All are a series of choices drawn from ideas that come from using your creative mind.

“I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my greatest work of art.” –Shatki Gawain, Creative Visualization.

Do you have ideas that flutter around you like a butterfly? It gets your momentary attention, but then drifts away with a wisp of wind, and you forget about it.

But what if you didn’t ignore it. What if you acted on it?

“Your job isn’t to find Ideas but to recognize them when they show up.” Stephen King, author

Creativity saved my life. As you continue reading, I’ll share the life-changing story of how creativity lifted me up when nothing else...

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Doing a Rewrite on Your Very Bad Day

12 Prompts to Inspire Change from the Power of Your Own Words

Read entire article on The Mission here.

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Stop Avoiding Your Creative Destiny… Get Started Now

If you keep resisting the “creative you,” then you’ve got work to do

(This article previously published on Thrive Global)

Creativity emerges the moment your imagination awakens and you feel joy doing something you love. Perhaps it began with your first sand castle, finger painting, or reciting a poem. For most, it’s somewhere between the ages of 3 and 6, around the time that your dawn of conscious memory wakes up and you’re suddenly aware that you’re alive.

According to the Journal of Anatomy, in the article, The Evolution of Human Artistic Creativity by Gillian M Morriss-Kay:

“Art, in its many forms, is practiced by almost all human cultures and can be regarded as one of the defining characteristics of the human species.” 

Art defines us, and yet somehow it gets lost in the mire of becoming adult in our modern world. Life left no room to play or imagine with a rigid structure restricted to conformity by educational...

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