A 5 Step Framework for Re-Imagining Your Work Life Beyond the Quarantine

Are you seeing this time as a dip… or a ladder to the best that’s yet to come?

“Every now and then, something happens in life that seems to open a door you didn’t expect, and it serves as a threshold to other things.”

Last night I went to bed when I felt tired. Today, I woke up when my body wanted to. No alarm, just the feeling I’d slept exactly as long as I was supposed to.

I began listening to my inner thermostat. What does my body want? What is my mind telling me to do? When is my optimum time for creativity? When am I at my best talking on the phone to clients?

It’s a strange new way of living…...

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Dream Big and Conquer Whatever Comes Your Way

I remember Oprah saying she would never have been able to dream big enough to imagine her life today… that her dreams were based on what she knew at the time. She said she couldn’t have predicted or imagined all that she has become.

And that’s the gift of the Second Act of life. It offers us an opportunity to look back at our lives and assess what we’ve already achieved, in particular, things we thought we could never have accomplished or circumstances we miraculously survived.

Why look back? Because in the second act, hindsight is where wisdom is born.
Like most people, I’ve had a tumultuous life. Here’s a list of things I thought I couldn’t do:

  • Survive unimaginable loss
  • Start a new career… and succeed
  • Heal my heart after divorce
  • Raise my kids on my own
  • Find love again
  • Write books and articles about all the things I thought I couldn’t do

Oprah was right.
The magnitude of your life can’t be predicted. Like Oprah, if I had...

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“Someday” is Not a Plan

Don’t Let “Someday” Run Out of Time

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ― Rumi


All was possible at the dawn of our lives. We popped into the world with a will to survive and the highest calling of the universe… to someday realize our fullest potential.

In the early weeks, we simply had needs. We learned how to convey those needs with a cry, a whimper, or a smile.

As our minds evolved, our creative capacity grew. Ask any child to improvise a story, and you’ll see imagination come alive.

We began projecting our fantasies into the future. We started saying, someday, I want to… As children, we had no doubts. We play-acted, we dreamed, and “someday” appeared as an achievable reality.

As real life sets in, we begin working at the job we trained for in school… or not. There are bills to pay, families started, and obligations that rob us of time to...

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